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How to Build A Healthy Future After Divorce

The marriage is over, but the potential for a healthy future is good as you rebuild your life.

As you restructure your routine, you may be surprised at how different life is now that you're uncoupled, and concerned about how to move forward from here. You may begin to sift through issues that led to your divorce, and analyze why you got hitched in the first place. Maybe it was expected of you, or it was the next logical step, or maybe you looked at it as a way to fix problems in the relationship. This analysis can be helpful as long as you use the insights to move forward.

During your transitional journey from spouse to divorcé there will be times when you're working through a lot of anger and resentment, and that may feel like you're moving in the wrong direction. The first rule here is to take it slow. This advice is particularly true if you're contemplating starting a new relationship.

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